Membership Registration Form Functionality Question


I may have jumped the gun purchasing your membership plugin as I cannot figure out how customizing registration.

I’m trying to set up a membership site and I want the registration form to be considered an “application for membership” if possible. There are 3 different types of membership levels and each application has different questions. Is it possible to customize the form for each membership level? If not, can you recommend a way to have the user sign up then fill out the application?

If it is possible to customize the application/registration form, I’d like the user to be able to add as many “earned credentials” as possible. For instance, if they have a Bachelors degree, Masters degree or multiple certifications, I’d like them to have the option to add as many as possible. I would attach an example application but I cannot attach anything to this message.

I also need them to have the ability to upload documents to us in the application. Or after signing up and paying, at least.

I hope you’re able to help with this. Any guidance you can give would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Chance Knecht