Membership – + & – Rules, Protected Pages and Pro site Q's


Here is what I have:

I have installed Membership and Pro Sites on my network.

I have 4 subscriptions one is Free, the others are paid.

Training will need to be setup as ‘Drip Feed’ each day ex- Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 etc…

What I want:

I want everything from my members view to happen on my website, When a user logs in, they are taken to their Dashboard NOT WP Profile. ( My website has a Profile Page that will need to contain all account information and affiliate information) – I have installed your Login Redirect Plugin for this to by pass the default WP Profile.


I have setup all subscriptions and Levels, I have followed to the tee about how to add Positive and Negitive Rules to each level (even had a second pair of eyes check and go through it with me) After testing loggin in as a free user we kept getting our ‘Stranger Danger’ Page displaying. We then took out ALL the rules for ‘Pages’ and we were able to access the members Dashboard. But this would mean it is not protected right? As we ended up (for testing purposes) removed ALL pages from the Positive Rules. But before we removed the entire ‘pages’ we had all the rules setup for the free user to see, but we kept getting the ‘No Access – Stranger Danger Page’ ?

Another thing also, under “membership > Options” Shortcode protected content , We have this set to NO – Shortcodes are protected by default. When we have tested placing our shortcode we inserted in the above box on a page, we see the actual Shortcode on the from end of the website – ex: [membersonly] [/membersonly] Is this normal, I assume we should not be seeing this code?

Other Questions while I am here:

Are there ‘Shortcodes’ for:



Affiliate information and stats etc ( I want this and any profile and upgrade options ALL displayed on my website NOT the Default WP admin Profile area)

How do I go about setting up a page that contains:

1. members ability to setup their Blogs and setup their Domain Mapping settings right from in my website.

Basically I want my members to access any kind of account information right from their personal dashboard on my site. I want them to be able to create their blogs and check their affiliate details as well as get the affiliate links anytime directly in my sites members area. Just as they will have access to all my tutorials and other information I provide to members. But I am not sure how to allow them to Login to it, nor Logout if needed, or access affilaite info and account info.

I have gone over the information regarding these links here:

(still having trouble getting my head around how exactly the drip feed thing works – but that will be another lot of questions later!)

If you could be possible take a little time and be as detailed as possible on any help I would certainly appreciate it saves a lot of confusion (if I havent already confused you yet also that is!)

Ok, thank you so much!!