Membership Site Plug-in Issues


I’ve been trying to find a way to resolve the issue that I am having by looking at other posts but I cannot find a definitive answer that works for my situation.

What I am looking to do is create a memebership site that works as follows….

When a user has signed up to my memebership site I want the content to be drip fed to them on a weekly basis. They would first enter into a trial at $2 for 14days. During this period they would have access to week 1 then after 7 days week 2 content would open up. After this 14 day period I would like the memeber to be charged $27 a month for the remainder they are subscribed.

For example

Week 1 – $2 Trial (Week 1 content unlocked)

Week 2 – $0 (Week 2 content unlocked)

Week 3 – $27 (Week 3 content unlocked)

Week 4 – $0 (Week 4 content unlocked)

Week 5 – $0 (Week 5 content unlocked)

Week 6 – $0 (Week 6 content unlocked)

Week 7 – $27 (Week 7 content unlocked)

and so on….

What I have done so far is to create pages for each bit of content, I create a page called ‘Week 1’ For Week 1’s content to which I uploaded all the content for week 1, I have done this for all pages and it works fine.

I then entered levels for each page.

So at level 1 you have access to the page week 1

at level 2 you have access to page week 1 and week 2

at level 3 you have acces to page week 1 , week 2 and week 3

and so on….

I then entered these into the subscription and added a payment for each week based on the payment process I illustrated above.

I was pretty content with everything working fine until I came to test the subscription page.

I got the following error message

“Invalid second trial period. You must specify valid values for the A2, P2 and T2 parameters for a subscription.”

Please could you advise on how I can go about setting up my memebership plug-in so I can deliver content in the manner illustrated above?

Thanks, Joseph