Menu Links Directing to wrong blog

It appears I can break anything! :wink:

This site:

Is part of a new wordpressmu that I’m experimenting with.

The problem is that the top menu bar links all link to a different blog also with this install.

I have looked through all the blog>options and can’t find where this redirect is happening. If I go to the Pages>Edit Pages section from the Admin interface, the links are posted correctly, and you can visit them. So, the About page will take you to the correct place. It is only when you actually go to visit the site that you are mysteriously redirected.

I figure it’s gotta be in the mysql database somewhere, but I’ve searched and haven’t found it, and I tried uploading a backup, but this had no effect. So either my backup is also bad, or the problem lies elsewhere.

It’s an experiment, so I can just delete the thing and start over, but I’d like to diagnose what went wrong to avoid problems like this in the future.

Thanks in advance for any hints, tips (I know I know.. don’t quit my day job) etc.