migrating e-shop information and a blog to a new site

I currently run a site http://www.fasterglobal.com which has been hacked, and so keeps getting re-directed to a pharmacy company.

In order to resolve this, I need to build a new site. I have started to build this on http://www.fastersocial.com and I now need to find a way to transfer the page contents to this site. We use an e-shop for this site, and had it modified to hold content in an elearning style. My goal is to move both the blog from this site and also the e-learning pages. I will transfer them straight over to education.fastersocial.com for the elearning (using membership to block people seeing the info) and then I will move the blog to the new http://www.fasterglobal.com site that I will need to build.

I have to do this very fast, as it is costing my business a lot of cash and credibility.