Migrating Shopping Cart page to Marketpress

Hopefully this is a quick question…

I’ve been putting off migrating a hectic PayPal shopping cart to MarketPress for far too long.

The current “store” page resides at http://gear.tripawds.com/shop/

I know MarketPress will create a new default /store page.

Can I configure MarketPress and all the products at /store and then just trash the old Shop page and change MarketPress to use /shop instead of /store?

When doing something similar for a Forums plugin, I had to actually empty the Page trash before I could re-create the /forums page because the system thought it still existed, resulting in /forums-1 whenever attempting to recreate the page. I presume the same thing might happen when I want to move /store to /shop … we just have far to many inbound links to change the page of the Shop.

I hope I’m being clear. Just looking for tips or suggested steps for changing the location of a MarketPress store after it is fully configured and populated with products. I need the current /shop page to remain active during this transition, as it will likely take a couple days to populate the new MP /store page.

Thanks for the support!