Missing Automatic Plugin Update Message

I’m running WPMU 2.7. Yesterday, at the plugins page that displays all the plugins, I noticed some plugins were flagged as having a new version with their respective version numbers. I had a choice to update manually or automatically.

I chose to start updating one by one, automatically. I clicked on the update automatically below one plugin and see a screen asking for my hostname, username and password and to choose an FTP method. I chose the normal FTP method, and see a next screen saying that the new update is being downloaded and unpacked. Then nothing happened for a long time – so I refreshed the page. This took me back to the plugins page.

By this time, ALL the MESSAGES that asked me to update selected plugins that have the latest version – have gone MISSING.

So not only did I not manage to update the plugin I chose automatically (how do i solve this?), WPMU is now not showing any message for the other plugins that were flagged as having a new version available (how do I solve this?).

Anybody else having the same problem? Any help would be much appreciated!