More buddypress integration?


Most of my users tend to write forum posts or status updates, seldom EVER use the blogging feature.

I think it’s great this plugin has integration with buddypress, but it only shows up or down votes to BLOG posts in the buddypress activity stream… it doesn’t allow people to up or down vote status updates (which would be freaking beautiful!)

Can this be done or is this being worked on? Is there a way I can hack the plugin to do this right now?

I suppose this is more of a feature request than anything else. I just spent a couple hours going through all the wordpress plugins WPMUDEV has to offer and this is one I think has the most potential to turn buddypress into something with more power than what facebook has to offer. The reddit-esque up/down or +/- voting thing is brilliant, but the widget showing the most upvoted articles is genius … what would be even cooler is a widget showing the most upvoted status updates. This would encourage my community to interact more, try to be more creative, more supportive, more intelligently critical. I love the concept, just would love to see it extended beyond blog posts.

EDIT: after playing around with the plugin, I saw that it already had an update, taking it from version 2.01 (which is what you get when you download it from WPMU) to version 2.1. After upgrading it, it actually REMOVED the Buddypress integration. So it makes me wonder if the author/developer intends on making a buddypress version (perhaps has one already that I am missing?) or has ditched the idea all together?