Mount windows NFS share for blogs.dir uploads

Just wanted to post some notes I had on this project.

If you haven’t mounts a windows nfs share before their are some extra hurdles..

We setting up our MU on our load balanced setup to use a windows NFS share for the user submitted content for the site.

I have done this successfully

Here is what I learned. Centos / apache server, Windows 2003 as NFS server.

need to create users for apache and apache group on windows machine.

user and groups need to be mapped to windows users using the windows

mapping tool.

add the permissions for the nfs / linux users you want to have access.

create the nfs share for the folder and specify the client / groups

that can access it.. (There is another group inside there unix suite

to create groups with just host ip’s in it.)

create the directory tree that you want under the share.

under the windows command prompt

chown chgrp and chmod the webfolder to windows user and group that is

mapped to the linux apache user.

then add the shares in the /etc/fstab

/home/sitefolder/htdocs/wp-content/uploads nfs rw 0 0

/home/sitefolder/htdocs/wp-content/blogs.dir nfs rw 0 0

Symbolic links do not work to nfs mount share folders.. At least not for me..

Thats it..

I don’t seem to be able to chown from the linux site.. I seem to have

to use windows chown tool.

Also one a folder has been chowned to a nfs user windows permission no

longer function like you would expect..