Moving from Elementor to Oxygen

Hello guys,

Stuck a bit how to best proceed or maybe even correct what I have done.

I have an old elementor based site (no updates over a year to it as it become so slow with Elementor bloat) – want to spend time on it and making the move to Oxygen. 

So used WPvivid to export old site DB only using custom tables, selected all default WP DB tables (posts/pages etc) and from addon plugins I selected which ones I noticed to be used on new site, including WooCommerce/orders/customers/products, etc.

So after making the import, and looking all came over that I expected to be there, stuck now how to get the page (home page) or even posts (blog post) into Oxygen.

Do I create a new post for example in oxygen and simply copy and paste text thus creating a new post or somehow if and how is it possible to do it correctly by not creating a new post of the same?

Hope I am making sense and I can get some direction.