[mp_list_global_products] Showing as "No Products"

Okay, so I’m making myself a little crazy. I’m trying to use marketpress to list services from different vendors on one main site. I managed to get the products to show up on the main site for a little while, but then I must have done something that made them go away. Now it just shows “no products”. On the sub-site where the products are originally listed, they’re showing up just fine. I have no idea what I did wrong but it would be SO awesome if someone could tell me!

Also, in the shopping cart page where you can change the quantity, I would like to change the table header to “word count” instead. I thought I was clever when I found the <th> tag, but it turns out I’m actually clueless.

In case you need to see it, my main site is http://www.inkwellinternational.com and the only editor that has any products is Number 1.

Help! And thank you in advance!