mp_productlist.php Called from Order Completion Bread Crumbs Show Only an Image

After I have completed an order and go back in the order process bread crumbs to “Shipping”, I do get a message that there are no items in the cart. This might be correct because the order has been completed. However, I am then presented with the option to browse for products.


If I select this option, I do get an image of one product, but no full product list.

How to recreate the issue:

Feel free to create a test order, complete it, then go back in the bread crumbs, select “Shipment” and then “Browse Products”.

It works with my main theme, but not with my child theme where I have created mp_productlist.php (which calls “/includes/loop-mp_productlist.php”:wink:.

However, when I display the product list from the main menu, it works fine.

Could you please look into this issue?

I have granted you support access to my backend.

This is the temporary URL to my website:

Thank you!