Multibyte language problem(Pay with a like)


I hope you having a good day.

I am experiencing multibyte issue in the plugin pay with a like.

In my case, after activation, I went to sub-menu(setting) and activated this plugin for Post and Page. At the same time, I disabled the setting that admin can see full contents for test purpose.

Later, I moved to post content page, wrote some texts, published the content, then I realized all texts showed up, and this plugin didn’t hide my text.

I have surveyed by my own, and I understood that it seemed to be fine for pre-build content such as Hello world post type page.

Meanwhile, it seemed that ,when I wrote a Japanese texts, it didn’t work.

So I have done second survey.

I changed the default language from Japanese to English( in WordPress’s setting), and then I checked to see if “pay with a like” was working in my post written in English. This time, it worked.

However, when I changed again from English to Japanese and posted new texts in Japanese………this time it didn’t work.

So, I strongly think that this issues happens due to that I am using Japanese language, which means that this is multibyte language issue.

I want to use this plugin, could you fix this bug for multibyte language users?

You can access my admin.

King Regards