MultiDB Some blogs display blank page.

My website use WordPress 3.0.1 which has around 700 blogs.

I’ve just install multi-DB 3.0.1 (I think the installation was correctly) with 16 DBs.

After installation finished, no error was found. I can access my website correctly. All data were copied to new 16DB.

But there are some problems with some of my blogs. Some appear blank page (few blogs) Most of blogs display correctly.

I go to check those error blogs in WordPress –> Super Admin –> Site, I can see those blog’s names but can not edit or delete them, there are no options. The rest are normal (mostly)

When I checked tables in PHPMyAdmin, the table was copied correcltly.

It seem like script partially could not connect to some blogs ( the example sequence number of each error blog are 59,60,63…..)

I have no idea to correct this problems.