Multiple concurrent activity updates in BuddyPress leading to "you're posting too fast. sl

When I have a class in a computer lab and many of them are posting a BuddyPress group status update, only a few of the updates are saved, the rest get something like “You’re going too fast. Slow down”. I wasn’t able to get the exact wording. From what I have heard that message should only be for WP blog comments, not BP activity feed updates (posting to the “what’s new section).

Are other people running into this and any ideas how to resolve. I find the activity updates one of the most useful features in a class setting where everyone can post their feedback on a topic but can’t get this working. I have the same issue with two different sites with different hosts and server configurations as well so thinking it’s more something in core code.

I saw some older posts on Web about similar things from a few years ago but couldn’t find cases where it was specific to BP. Do BP status updates (activity update posts) tie into WP commenting somehow and that’s why that message that you usually see for WP comments is showing up?

This makes me wonder about the scalability of WP/BP.