multiple questions re batch creator (not working), support ad (not working)


how do i know i have the right all in one SEO version installed?

how come batch creator is not working? it uploads my csv and says that it did so correctly, it tells me the blogs/users are in a cue but there is no link to activate the ones in the cue and they dont show up either.

do you have a plugin that pulls in anything like yahoo answers where there are discussions essentially i am looking for the best way to import content and mix it with other content so that it looks like at least 30% original content and i dont get duplicate content penalties.

my members are continues to say…

BuddyPress is ready. You’ll need to activate a BuddyPress compatible theme to take advantage of all of the features. We’ve bundled a default theme, but you can always install some other compatible themes or upgrade your existing WordPress theme.

even though buddypress theme is activated

also, after trying to install advertiser support i got this result…

this is all that shows up now on my site except for the header…

* About

Hello world!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fatal error: Call to undefined function supporter_show_ads() in /home/g247365/public_HTML/wp-content/plugins/supporter-advertising.php on line 124

So far things have not flowed as smoothly as i hoped.