Multiple subscription plans & Rules


I need some advice here. I currently have one subscription plan, call it Plan A. I have several pages of content specific to this plan/subscribers, which I have protected at each Level by negative rules (restricting access to pages). This has been working fine.

Now I would like to introduce another subscription plan, call it Plan B. It too would have several pages of drip-fed content, which could easily also be organized by negative rules re: pages.

Here’s the challenge: Someone should be able to subscribe to both Plan A and Plan B at the same time. If I use the setup described above with negative rules however, the negative rules from each plan ‘overrule’ each other. The user gets NEITHER plan’s content.

How can I set this up? Note that if a user is ONLY subscribed to Plan B, s/he should not be able to see Plan A pages…

I would really appreciate any advice here! I am willing to look at rules on Categories, url groups, etc… Pages seemed the easiest and worked fine with a single Subscription.