multisite registration supplication



One more supplication about thinking on something with that registration process on multisite / Buddypress.

this is just unthinkable that core developpers dont think about this.

Please please please we need that per site registration / moderation that would register on main site AND specific site, with possibility for admins to validate the registration on their site.

Just one case : when there is a forum on a specific site.

this is just a mess (I am in battle with bbpress at this time). How any user can register and post on THIS site ? Well, he is redirected on the main site directly this is totally confusing AND user non friendly !

And the case “user already registered on network” should also be considered, and the registration widget should allow the possibility.

Seems that raccoon are not a motivation to mix the mp blog registration and the multisite add user plugins….

Shall we directly go on vodka distillery ? Cocoa plantation ?????

thanks :slight_smile: