Multisite shared database & auto provisioning to new host IN ONE?

Hi everyone,

My first post on here after joining. Please be gentle.

I have a client wanting the following set up using Multisite:

Where ‘’ is his own project sites and ‘’ is a copy of a pre-installed WP site that is sold to customers.

The key thing is that he wants his own project sites to use the same SQL database as the main domain, but the ‘’ to have their own domain and hosting account (via auto-provisioning) preferably.

We’ve basically created a WP model that he wants to ‘sell’ as a working product (we have successfully cloned the installation set up but not sure if this can be created automatically on a new server yet). The idea being that we can auto provision the copy of WP when a customer pays online. These account need their own hosting packages.

Any help or suggestions are welcome. I have not used Multisite before so this will be a learning curve.