My client wants a popup window with the registration / login / forgot password process in it

I’ve never done this sort of thing before, and I’m a little lost – please check out the site I’m working with:

login: test

pass: testacct

so when you go to:

I currently have Pop Up plugin coming up with registration shortcode buttons from the Directory plugin on there – they’re not working and I have a request for help from the Genesis theme folks on that… I kind of think I did see them work before, and I think they redirected to the same login/register/lost password pages that are linked up on the top nav…

Client REALLY wants that process to show up in a popup. How do I make this happen? They want to do away with the automatic popup, they want someone to click a “register” button on the nav bar and get a popup with the register/login/forgot pass process on it.

Is there a plugin that does all that easily, cuz I’ve been digging on google and am coming up empty. This should not be a slider attached to the bottom / top / side of the screen, client is looking for a popup box.

Thanks for any help you can give!