Directory page


My site is a Furniture magazine:

I’m going to find plugin or theme to make my site become a directory page like this:

Let me explain it clearly below:

1. At the left sidebar, i’d like to display the list of rooms: Bedroom, Livingroom, Bathroom… (actually this is the categories, you can create parent/child categories if you wish)

2. When you click on Bedroom button, the page will display the list of all of manufactures name.

3. Then, when you click on a manufacture name, the new page will display all of their product.

4. The product will have the more button (+ character), we will click (+) when we want to display full details of this.

I’ve tried WPMU directory/Classifeds plugin but it seems does not macth with my requierments.

Please help me modified your plugin or find another theme/plugin can help me make the directory page like this?

Thank you,