My Site Is Down… Or So I'm Told

I think that it’s the Hummingbird plugin, but it might be Defender.

Anyway, it says that my website is down. I don’t know why it’s saying that because it certainly doesn’t appear to be down. I use SiteGround Hosting and I’ve never had an issue with a site going down in the couple years that I’ve used their hosting. But if SiteGround’s hosting does go down, I do know that it’s their policy to send out automated emails and I’ve not received any such email.

Furthermore, the site that is supposedly down uses the same hosting account that my other websites use and none of them are down. In fact, one of the other websites is also using the same plugin and the plugin doesn’t say that that site is down.

I don’t know what the deal is, but I was hoping you could help me figure it out.

I have another issue with a different plugin as well, but I don’ t know if I should open another ticket for it or not…