My sites files suddenly missing

Hi, I have a site with hostgator. I decided to get more security and got sucuri firewall (cloudproxy) and i changed the maxcdn settings. They hardened up my site, and cleaned up cpanel. The problem is now my files are suddenly gone. They say its not them, but it happened after they made configurations. I was wondering if you guys have any clues to what might have happened? Do you guys help with restores? I am happy to pay. I just am at my wits end, and totally devastated. It is 3 years worth of hard work gone. And my main source of income. I am just a mess right now. I am too emotional to think. Noone seems to be able to help me. Vaultpress is unable to connect to my site. I do have backupbuddy, but I have no clue how to restore, and I am so emotional I cant use my brain. Any suggestions?