My Sites super admin pull down menu has overlapping test "Blavatar"?

Multisite; MarketPress; Pro3 theme etc.

Did number of steps to get ready to create new shops! Need help in 2 areas.

1. Created “Shop Template” (slug = shop-template).

2. Configured Branding and Easy Blogging to tighten up site admin dashboard for users.

(a) In the Custom Admin Bar, I use “Site Menu” and “New Sites”, but now the two sites listed in my menu have “Blavatar” text Overlapping their names! (I don’t have avatar installed). I uninstalled branding and it went away.

3. Failed to create “Shop Template” in New Blog Templates (attached image below). Searched “” and clicked “Create Blog Template”. Received an error msg (attached image below). I don’t know if this is related but need help here too.

[Recently my server admin search/replace http: with https: in database tables. I have just re-installed Ultimate Branding, New Blog Templates, Easy Blogging. No change.]

Thank you.