Need A Way To Scrape Information From My Other Sites

I have several websites with information i would like to squeeze into a frame on another site with a different format than the original data is displayed (I.E. i would only like to pull specific fields back into the new site, not the entire page) Is there a way to do this easily as my php/html knowledge is extremely limited however that functionality would help relieve alot of pains i have been having with sharing information between my sites. for instance, one of my sites has a form to search for recipes.. the user can enter certain information and the browser will perform an query, and then return the specific data back to the browser..i’m supposing i could do this 1 of two ways… pull the actual form into my site using an Iframe, or create a new form , but i have no idea how to modify the actual “submit” button in my forms to hit the site that i am trying to request the data to be returned from. Or, how to make the data show up into one of my site pages as html.. any suggestions? or does this make any sense what so ever? Please advise.