Need an opinion on the flow of the registration progress.

Hello there,

looking for some opinions on how to solve a problem.

Here’s the deal –

My buddypress social network deals with a fanclub for a group of different musicians. This is a private club, so not just anyone can join.

Therefore I plan to have a customized landing page which will include a bit of text, a log-in form for those who are already registered, and then if you’re not registered you can click on a button and the page jumps to the bottom half where you can APPLY (but not “sign-up” as in wordpress-terms).

After applying, we send out the invite code to those who are accepted and they use this invite code on the real wordpress-registration form.

What’s the best way of dealing with this?

Use a regular contact form (such as contact form 7) for the application, and then lead the accepted guest to the actual registration page?

A bit confusing, I know!

Thanks for listening.