need clarification on install instructions


i wanted to try out the “Multi-DB” but believe i have gotten lost trying to follow the instructions.

– i created the instructions using

– then it said “Now, you need to create the databases either via command line (hardcore) or through “phpMyAdmin” so i opened phpMyAdmin in cpanel and added it as instructed under the “SQL” tab and hit “Go”.

– it said “You should now see loads of tables where there used to be only one or two.”

i saw nothing of the sort. even clicking each database individually shows “No tables found in database”

– your picture (screenshot attached) does NOT show the additional instruction to include the “_global” database.

so therefore, does this have to be added after the first sixteen or together with ?

– now these databases cannot be found under “MySQLdatabases” in cpanel for me to add the user and passwords. why did the instructions not specify to create the databases there in the first place ?

i feel like i have put myself in a real monkey pants because i do not know how to add the users and passwords. in fact is this the “database users” or the username and password to log into cpanel ? your instructions does NOT say “database users” but specifically say “username and password for the original WordPress database”. This does not make sense to me as no username or password is ever required when creating a database in cpanel, only when creating the “database user”. now when trying to create the same databases manually using “MySQLdatabases” in cpanel i get an error saying it already exists.

There is no delete or “drop” option in “phpMyAdmin” so now i have jumped out of the monkey pants and into a whole monkey suit :slight_smile:

– the instructions jumps straight into editing “db-config.php”

– where in the world is this file ? i assume this is in the plugin file ?

i basically won’t/can’t move forward to further steps until the above is sorted out.

any kind assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards.