Need field for engraving

Thanks for this theme.

My client’s product is a custom engraved product so I need a field for the shopper to enter what they want their item to say. I imagine I will have to add a custom field and a step to the checkout process. I know how to add custom fields and make them work in “the loop” on WordPress but What is the best way to go about this given that I am dealing with Marketpress, FrameMarket and GridMarket? More precisely, what scripts to I need to work with?

This next question is far less critical and important than the above question.

I’ve also been a little confounded with styling the drop downs on the horizontal navigation. To my eye, there is too much space above and below the link. Normally, multi-level nav CSS goes something like this:

nav li a {styles…}

nav li li a {styles…}

Framemarket offers only this code:

.nav ul li:last-child > a {}

.nav ul li:first-child > a {}

I did copy this code snippet into custom.css and was able to affect look & feel of first and last child links but that is not the desired result. I want the dropdown links to employ a background image that changes on hover, I don’t want so much space above and below the link, and I would like to increase the width of the dropdown link area too. I’ve heavily customized the styling for the site and presumed that copying snippets from one of the other two style sheets into custom.css was the method for doing so safely, as this is the way it is done for the Thesis theme. Perhaps you can confirm that surmise.