Need help setting up wordpress multisite – Wildcard DNS record


I am trying to setup wordpress multisite with subdomains on my website

I want to use the subdomains for multisite in the format etc. Now, it requires a wildcard domain to be setup. I contacted my web host to set that up for me.

Now, they are asking the exact wildcard I need to setup.

Could someone please advise me about the same ?

Please find the chat with them below:-

Pranaya: I need help settiing up wild card DNS on my account

Victor Underwood: Okay

Pranaya: I am setting up wordpress multisite

Pranaya: they say Contact your host first if you want to use sub-domains to ask them to set up Wildcard DNS records for your site

Victor Underwood: Can you please provide me with the exact Wildcard record that you want to create?

Victor Underwood: Currently, the wildcard (*) is pointing to our server. You can change it in Domain Central under DNS tab.

Pranaya: I need to use subdomains in wordpress multisite. for that where should the wildcard point to ?

Victor Underwood: You need to contact the WordPress and get the exact record.