Need Help with Events + Plugin to do Custom Display

I need help with a few things with Events +:

1. For the archive template – I want to show the Calendar View ( settings screenshot: ) but it doesn’t show the sites header/footer in the Events page ( Events Page Screenshot: ) — How do I make it show the header/footer and have the width constrained to the container?

2. How do I add extra content to the Events page – right now it’s auto generated from plugin?

3. How do I customize the Prev/Next buttons in the Calendar view?

4. How do I customize the view for the Single Event Page? For example, I don’t want to show author, format the date/time differently, etc.

5. Using the Widget in Upfront to show events gives very limited options to customize how it’s displayed – what is the best to use events to customize how you want it to appear? Is that through shortcodes? If so, can you give examples of using Events + shortcodes?