Need help with installing


Well this is my first multy db install and its just not working,

What I did was created 16 dbs with the names(their blank) as the sql code to create dbs got me a denied message

then I tried setting up structure in different ways but It doesnt work, what I have now is add_global_table(‘phytr’:wink:; phytr is the prefix that gets applied from my host because of the domain.

add_db_server(‘0’, ‘dc1′, 1, 1,’192.168.1.’,’′, ‘phytr_blog0’, ‘phytr_blog’, ‘password’:wink:;

add_db_server(‘1’, ‘dc1′, 1, 1,’192.168.1.’,’′, ‘phytr_blog1’, ‘phytr_blog’, ‘password’:wink:;

add_db_server(‘2’, ‘dc1′, 1, 1,’192.168.1.’,’′, ‘phytr_blog2’, ‘phytr_blog’, ‘password’:wink:;

add_db_server(‘3’, ‘dc1′, 1, 1,’192.168.1.’,’′, ‘phytr_blog3’, ‘phytr_blog’, ‘password’:wink:;

add_db_server(‘4’, ‘dc1′, 1, 1,’192.168.1.’,’′, ‘phytr_blog4’, ‘phytr_blog’, ‘password’:wink:;

add_db_server(‘5’, ‘dc1′, 1, 1,’192.168.1.’,’′, ‘phytr_blog5’, ‘phytr_blog’, ‘password’:wink:;

And all the rest are in same structure… What am I doing wrong? Can someone help please?