need help with last mile on a custom gateway, putting 1 + 1 together…


I am building a custom gateway and I need your kind help, please.

Attached, is a file called: gateway.pesapal.php – it is 3kb, and we are 99% sure it is fine, we made a test that produced the forms we needed. It is built based on paypalsolo, but only needs 1/10th of what paypalsolo has.

Also attached, is a file called will_integrate_this_into_gatewaypesapal.php. It has the complete and exact code that the payment provider, called PesaPal, wants us to use, indicated in the exact steps. It is 2kb.

Now, we are totally lost on how to bring file 2 into file 1 so all is well.

We have been at it for 2 days and cant seem to get it right. Individually, they are perfect, but they need to marry and we dont know how to do that.

Is it possible for you to please look at the two files and give us a quick copy pasted file that merges the two in the right places? We can debug and clean up ourselves.

Thank you very much!