Need help with setting up Affiliates plugin on my network

I want to use the Affiliates plugin on ONE of my sites – not the main site. I initially installed it as the Super Admin and activated it across the network. This wasn’t going to work for me because all of the subsites would be affiliates of the main site. So, I deactivated it across the network, then went to the sub-site to activate it.

The sub-site is still trying to be the affiliate for the main site – instead of setting it up as THE site for referrals to go to. Does this make sense?

I’m using this sub-site as the Directory where people are paying to be listed. I want to reward those who get more sign ups for the Directory with the affiliate program, but I don’t want the affiliate program available as the MAIN set up to any of the other sites. They could eventually become affiliates and refer back to this Directory site.

Please help guide me in how to properly install and activate this plugin so it will meet my needs. Thank you!