Need Help with Starting a WordPress Resource Site

Hi everyone,

I am starting a WordPress resource/directory portal which will contain listings of themes, plugins, developers, theme designers, coders & programmers, support forums, resources etc…

I have prepared a rough list of category but not sure how well its structured:

Themes (Free)

Themes (Premium)

Plugins (Free)

Plugins (Premium)


– Themes

– Plugins

– Others

Coders & Programmers

– Themes

– Plugins

– Others

Theme Designers

Advisor’s & Consultants



– Support Forums

– Hacks & Mods

– Blogs

– Articles

– Directory

– Others

Rather than having different categories for free & premium themes, I can have a single category for themes and then have a field to display if its free or premium theme. The same goes good for plugins also.

I plan to keep it as simple as possible yet as organized & informative so that people can easily find what they are looking for. For e.g. someone may be looking for a specific WP theme, let assume a theme related to gifts & flowers. That way, the themes directory could be sub-divided into sub-categories. The same goes true for plugins. It could be organised in a variety of sub-categories.

Any help with structuring the category list will be highly appreciated. Looking forward to everyone’s comments & suggestions.