need suggestions on app style theme


Recently, I realized that app style them is really necessary for mobile users even though most themes today are responsive.

I may need your suggestions with your expertise.


In my multi-site network, BuddyPress+bbpress installed in my main domain for all sub-site creators to communicate/socialize; users can create their own sub-sites; I also created 2 sub-sites for demo and for hosting help articles; I am considering to build additional sub-site for training purposes, probably using LearnDash. I want to build an ecosystem for my target group.

But I think my target group members use Mobile rather than a computer in most of their time. So an app style theme to support my landscape is required. And I prefer to make the app theme as a central entry page (every user can access it, easily find their own blog, and other functional sites I created)As an expert, do you have any suggestions? and how to do that?

What I am doing:

I now use WPtouch Mobile Plugin for all sub-sties, and it is working very well. But it does not support BuddyPress well, feel&look is strange. I tried to use buddymobile plugin, but unfortunately, it is not working for me. For now, I need a app style them which can support buddypress and bbpress perfectly. Any recommendation ?