New Account registration not doing, well, anything!

Hello – we’ve run into a problem with new users not being able to register. No error messages are given for incomplete or incorrect data, if username or email already exist nor when a correctly filled out registration is submitted. In all cases, the registration page just reloads, no error messages, no confirmations, etc.

We had some live help from someone here related to the membership plugin a few days ago and on the tail end of that being resolved we ran into this exact issue, though after a few attempts and you doing something via your admin account it was fixed and we were able to register a test account. Nothing was changed since then but we were alerted last night to this registration error popping up again. Here are some details:

Membership plugin

– Under Access Levels we have a Level for “Free Folk” with negative rules set to limit access to a few specific websites and the Pro Site page(s)

– Under Options we have the Stranger membership level set (“Free Folk”:wink:, new User registration is set to use subscription “None” and Enable incomplete signup accounts is checked.

Thank you for your time and if you need additional info we’re happy to provide it.