Google Maps New Beta

A new version of Google Maps plugin is on the way, with a lot of new features.

1. Map alignment support: maps can be aligned to left, right or center. This can be set in plugin settings, or per map in the editor.

2. Advanced mode for the maps list: allows merging multiple maps into a new one and batch deleting multiple maps.

3. Overlaying markers from multiple maps onto a single map

4. Post Indexer integration – showing maps from the whole network (in widget, or as a shortcode attribute)

5. Showing links to posts in markers

6. New shortcode attributes

Here are some examples of the new shortcode attributes in action:

[map query="all" overlay="true" show_map="false" show_images="false" show_posts="true" width="100%"]

This will show just a list of markers from all maps on the current blog. The list will be as wide as possible.

[map query="tag=my_tag" network="true" overlay="true" show_images="false" show_posts="true" height="100px" width="100%"]

This will show one map, which will have all markers from maps associated with all posts on the network that have the tag “my_tag”. The map itself will be shown and it will have a list of markers displayed below it (those are the defaults). Also, markers will have a list of links to posts associated with their original map. The Panoramio image gallery will not be shown. The map itself will be as wide as possible (it will fill all available space), but it will be only 100px high.

You can download the Beta version here.