New blog template copies posts but not images to new blogs.dir

I’m setting up a template for a new blog to use all the settings, plugins, posts et al for when a new blog gets created.

Everything gets applied to the new blog no problem, images within posts show fine because their src value is part of the text of the post but, the featured image for a post wont work.

Themes with sliders that use images uploaded to the media gallery or posts with thumbnails wont work on the new blog that was created from a template because those features read only the image name and use the magic of wordpress to change into

can the new blog template plugin also have an option to copy across the images found in blogs.dir/template_blog_id_num/year/day/ of the template blog to the new blogs blogs.dir/new_blog_id_num/year/day/ images folder(s)?

basically, if blog with id 2 was used as a template to create a blog with id 10 then everything in

blogs.dir/2/files/ would get copied to blogs.dir/10/files/