New Blog Template Only Works for Admin

I’ve read through these two threads and it appears there isn’t a fix just a work around that involves moving folders and their contents around.

After I install the pluging and I create a new site via the super admin/sites page there is a dropdown where I choose the template to use. The default is ‘None’ which results in the basic Twenty-Ten theme being installed. The default template I created with the plugin is in the dropdown but not the default, even though I set it as the default in the template setup. I’m wondering if there is something in one of the .php files that could be modified so that the only optiion would be the default template I created.

I did try to implement the work around that involves createing a new folder and moving the plugin contents to it, but it’s still not working for me. Is it possible to get a detailed step-by-step how to implement this work around until a fix is available?

Here are the related threads. Thanks in advance.