New Blog Templates Plugin Incompatible with Gravity Forms

I love the New Blog Template plugin, but currently, it’s incompatible with another very popular WordPress plugin, Gravity Forms.

When the additional tables aren’t copied (i.e. wp_12_rg_form), you can’t create new forms at all; they won’t save. When you copy any or all of the additional tables over, though, you get a different issue:

Each form you subsequently create with a template is resigned to the ID of 0. That means that edits to one form are enacted on all the other 0 ID’ed forms, as well, making Gravity Forms less than useful.

To note, there shouldn’t be forms with an ID of 0; the first form always gets an ID of 1. Gravity Forms is also not accepting new entries on these 0 ID’ed forms, making this issue fairly tough to work around.

Above you’ll find the most recent copy of the Gravity Forms plugin. I’m willing to make a donation to whomever corrects this issue within 24 hours. It’s obviously important to me–I’ve already spent the money on a WPMDev subscription, as well as GF, so I’m not going to go cheapskate now.

If anyone is willing to take on this task, please note that Gravity Forms should work using network activation and New Blog Templates set to carry over plugins and their settings.