New Dev needs Macro help (but will gladly take all he can get!)

Hey guys!

New user here, having some fun putting together this new project with these premade sections, its amazing!

I am very, VERY new to WordPress (Adobe fanboy ready to try out the big leagues), and have a deadline I am looking to hit.

I am having a fine time setting up and putting in users using Membership2, but here is where the project gets tricky.

The project is simple (to explain lol).

Real estate client looking to have a simple minimalist site that has user profiles for the offices, then users for the realtors for each office (assuming this is group, subgroup in membership2 or buddy press)

Then, office accounts would be able to add “listings” (maybe a blog post or custom field of some sort, maybe through the appointments app), while realtors would be able to see these from a basic search field.

the realtors then would be able to schedule these homes for a “open house”, integrating the appointments plugin.

then, when scheduled, the realtor would get an email notification with details about the open house, as well as the office location as a notification through email.

The whole site behind a login “wall” to secure the data for the company.

I believe all of this can be done fairly quickly using these plugins, what say you guys? Please help?