New Events + Plugin Beta

Hiya folks,

Check it out. With the overwhelming feedback received on our initial release of the Events & Bookings plugin we’re pleased to announce the (newly named) Events +

What’s been done since the 1.0 release? Well, how about:

– Email Invites! With integration to our e-newsletter plugin you can select a pre-made e-newsletter and when saving the post it will take you automatically to the newsletter sending page. You’ll need to install e-newsletter and then activate the add-on in Events settings for this to work. Note: tighter integration is planned for a future release

– Front-end editing! Activate the addon in Events settings. Published an event and need to make a quick change? No problem. Click the edit link and edit your event details right on the page. Want to add a new event? We’ve added a button in the WordPress userbar for you. As long as you’ve got that enabled you can easily add an event.

– Super awesome theme integration! Now you can choose whether to use built-in templates provided by the plugin or ones dictated by your theme.

– BuddyPress Group Integration! Activate an add-on from the settings page and create an event and assign it to any BuddyPress Group

– Limit the number of RSVPs! Activate an add-on from the settings page and set a limit to the number of folks who can sign up.

– Events tab on BuddyPress Profile! Now you can easily see events you’ve created, are attending, maybe attending, or not attending all from your profile page.

– Bug fixes! We knocked out loads of bugs mentioned form the first go ’round.

And, of course, we have much more planned for future releases. Please give the version here a go and, as always, let us know your thoughts, criticisms, wild praise, and all that below.