New plugin needed


I am using WPMU and Donncah’s domain mapping plugin to manage several blogs/websites. I am the only admin for any of the blogs, with my clients using the Editor role. This is so that they can not mess up things (such as setting, themes, widgets, ect) and create major headaches for me as the admin. However, this presents another issue and that is updated information.

As it is, when a client needs to update information (such as phone, address, ect) they would need to contact me to address this. Not a problem with 10 sites, but when you reach 100’s, that could be a support issue. The plugin I desire would use the DB to store information that is called by the theme for presentation. It would also store variables that can be used in the code of theme templates.

Basically, much like the wp settings, but with the ability to add additional fields on the fly and limit access to admins only, or also to editors. I had a plugin built for this already, but it was geared towards WP and not MU. MU does not seem to like this and I am now getting conflicts with other plugins. So I need this handled by someone that knows MU and can do it the right way.

If you need additional information, please feel free to email me at ednailor @