New Unofficial Plugin: Auto Description :)


Hello everyone!

Another week, another plugin!

Wait, I just released another plugin this week… Oh well :slight_smile:

Backstory time!

I was making a website for a customer and he was like: I need SEO!

Well, the theme I used didn’t have any advanced SEO settings, and I’m not really into using bloated plugins.

So I made my own! Extracted and rewritten from my main website’s theme to always have SEO at hand!

This “plugin” was originally made within a Genesis Theme (named LightSpring (it’s my own theme!)) so it fully support Genesis themes!

But making this plugin, I noticed it doesn’t really like non-genesis themes. So I fixed that :slight_smile:

Anyway, backstory time has ended :slight_frown:

What this plugin does is adding a few nice things to the header with Facebook in mind:

  1. Meta description, ~160 chars stripped from content (could be shorter because it contains full words only)
  2. og:description, same as above
  3. og:image, pulled from your header image if set
  4. og:locale, pulled from the site language settings if set, defaults to en_US otherwise
  5. og:type, website, duh :smiley:
  6. og:title, Page Title – My Site Name
  7. og:url, full path to current page
  8. og:site_name, the blog name :slight_smile:

On the home page, the og:title is instead of “Page Title – My Site Name” the following: “My Site Name – Blog Tagline”. Now isn’t that nice? :slight_smile:


Its default language is English, the one non-dynamic word: “on” can be translated.

It’s already translated to Dutch :slight_smile:

Got a translation suggestion? Please submit ^^

Post Title “on” Blog Name

One small word of caution though:

This is a heavy plugin on extreme content-rich pages (100x as much text as this whole post).

It adds 0.5 seconds of load time if you have a whopping 241,000 characters on that page (tested on a hexacore with prefork)! This post contains about 2,000 characters.

So if you publish books as pages, lol, and are not using caching plugin, I suggest hesitating about using this plugin or using a Genesis theme and filling in the SEO description on heavy pages manually, because then this plugin won’t automatically generate a description while stripping HTML and Shortcodes.

The download:

Install it as a plugin and activate it :slight_smile:

No edits or configuration required! As the plugin says: Auto Description :smiley:

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Feedback, suggestions or questions can be asked within this topic =)


This plugin uses mb_strlen(), I think it fallbacks to strlen if “Mbstring” isn’t present in the server. But if it doesn’t, please ask your Hosting Provider to install mbstring :slight_smile:

It’s a better way of calculating the characters in foreign languages with special characters.