New user blogs not showing up until after I run "Update Network" in SuperAdmin Panel

I have new users setting up blogs at (Buddypress 1.5.5, WP 3.3.2, bp Corporate theme 1.4.4).

When a new blog is set up, I can see it in the list of blogs (public), but when I click on it there is nothing but a white screen.

If I run the Update Network in the SuperAdmin panel, the blog shows up.

Please tell me I don’t have to run the ‘Update Network’ thing every time someone signs up? What am I doing wrong?

(Also, I still have the error notice about the wp-blogs having deprecated, please replace with wp-includes/ms-sites showing up. The .htaccess file has the new language in it, and wp-includes/ms-sites.php exists, but the error still shows up. Could this have something to do with this blog problem?)