Newbie moving site from localhost to live

I have been developing a new WP site locally using MAMP and the Bitnami stack on a Mac. This was at the suggestion of Alexander. Although the site is not yet complete, I’m at a point where I need to move it live so I can test payment gateways and also get emails to work reliably (having problems with this locally).

I have never done this before and am a bit uncomfortable with a few of the steps I’ve read about both on this site and others.

1) For the mass find and replace step to correct the URL strings, I have read that you can run into problems with serialized data doing a basic find/replace. I found this script tool that says it handles the issue but am REALLY not comfortable using it;

Is this something I need to be concerned about and if so, how do you suggest I handle it? I also ran across a tool called Backupbuddy that seems to automate the entire process. Given my lack of experience would it be better to use a tool like this as opposed to trying the manual steps?

2) Uploading files from local to live site….

I originally started building the site live then decided to go local so I had WP and a database installed in my hosting account. I have removed both WP and the database and deleted all files/folders in the account. I’m not sure exactly what files to upload where? Locally, I have a folder called “wordpress”, underneath that are sub folders of conf, htdocs, & licenses. There are also two single files called bnconfig & updateip. It appears that all of the content for my local site is contained within this structure but I’m not sure. Do I just copy the “wordpress” folder and all subfolders/files into the root directory of my hosting account?

Please let me know if there is any additional information you need to help with this.

I appreciate your help!