Newbie Questions

I just installed a new wiki yesterday (66404_wordpress-wiki-1.1.3) which is located at the link below. So far I’m mostly happy with it and so congrats on packaging a nice product. We have identified a number of issues and hope to learn about solutions or workarounds to these problems. I appreciate the help!

1) Major bug where WordPress’ “Visual View” is broken with anonymous user, and requires the person to hand-hack HTML code.

2) Cannot re-order Sub-wiki pages. They are displayed chronologically. The wiki root must have two directories (e.g., it cannot have just one which would be preferred (e.g.

3) Review a “Recent Changes” page that is automatically updated with all of the wiki changes. Similar to what mediawiki can do.

4) Review the IP Address of anonymous editors in the revision history.

5) Bug where the “Visual Tools” clobber the sidebar navigation on the right (possibly on our theme b/c of the right side-bar). A workaround is to hit the full-screen editing button. Using Google Chrome.

6) Cannot change URLs to wiki pages. The URL is set based on the original title given to the page and cannot be changed.