newsletter plugin – can it do stuff based on "events / triggers"?

Hi men in tights.

so here’s one for ya.

so i want people to book for an event inside my membership area.

registration page is to have the countdown timer running, and then re-route to a page with a google-hangout embedded, as we’re doing a live workshop.

(i’m happy to handle that bit with the embedding and what not)

am thinking of adding in a chat function for the online folks (also happy to handle that)

here’s what i’d like to do.

i’d like to make a couple of mails send out at regular intervals, depending on when someone books for their event, and – also follow up with them afterwards, in a nice automated fashion.

ideally these mails need to respond to the time the user subscribed, but then also “know” whether they attended the “event” on my “gooogle hangout”?

can newsletter handle triggers like that, or must i use mailchimp?