no activation link in confirmation email


So this is rather strange. I just put in a new wordpress mu/buddypress 1.1 install to another domain of mine, and when I went to make another user for myself, I got a activation email that had no activation link.. only a %s

after all the normal, ‘welcome to’ blah blah blah, i get the following

"Please click the folowing link to activate your user account:



thats it. so wierd, because I have done nothing other than install mu, then run the buddypress install through the add plugins manager, moved /bp-themes to wp-content/ then uploaded the buddypress community premium theme (which makes my site load as a blank btw), then removed the community premium theme from both themes and bp-themes. then i registered two admins (one for myself), went to activate my confirmation email for my admin account, and got the email sans activation link. I’ll have to call my boss and see if his is the same…