One of my intended products is a travel package. Which is an easy product to configure since it has no tax and no shipping.

I’ve figured out the no tax part using the product option of Special Tax Rate. But there is no option I can find for no shipping required.

Also, If i make it a digital product by assigning a Downloadable – On checkout i am still presented with a SHIPPING ADRESS FORM with SHIPPING OPTIONS, well just one USPS

*** BTW: I am experiencing a Marketpress admin bug – OSX 10.6.8 CHROME 20.0.1132.57 – CLICKING UPLOAD DIGITAL PRODUCT in Product Admin: THE LIGHTBOX BG GOES DARK BUT NO DIALOG EVER APPEARS.

I am still on 2.6

I was able to get the SANDBOX PAYMENTS to COMPLETE with CHAINED PAYMENTS, so that is a plus!

Please, f you have any advise on how to test digital or no shipping products, I would greatly appreciate it.

thank you